Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Music, music, music.

You know, it's really weird. Back before college, I kept up with the latest music. I gave a damn, I'd listen to the radio, I actively searched for new stuff.

But the times have changed. I don't listen to the radio. I haven't got a fucking clue what kids listen to these days. I listen mostly to electronically-generated music, without vocals. The only "modern" thing I keep up with is chiptunes, something that almost none of my friends are into. Aside from that, I listen to obscure ambient tracks and orchestral arrangements. And video game soundtracks.

Fuck, I'm turning into an electrohipster, aren't I?


  1. same here.. I was listening to every "cool" tune I could find, but now I just like some good dub and drum and bass and don't give a damn about other things...

  2. i hope you aren't becoming an electrohipster, becasue then that means i'd be turning into one too. and i fucking hate hipsters.

  3. Man, listen to whatever you want. Mainstream music is crappy.

  4. I'm EXACTLY the same i think, its only due to ppl giving me links to new songs that i MAY like that i even bother DLing anything new anymore lul...